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At the beginning of the year we send out an order form for Burning Skirts gear, including hats, shirts, pants, and hoodies. Support the team and get some sick merch!! It's a win-win. If you missed out this year, send us an email at burningskirts@gmail.com, or DM us on our social media and we'll let you know if we have anything left!

Skirts discs and pint glasses are also available for sale - contact us for more information!

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Follow our social media! We're on Twitter (@BSkirts), Facebook (@Bskirts), and Instagram (@burningskirtsucsb).

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We are so thankful to have such an incredible community of alumni, family, friends and fans. We appreciate any and all support you are willing to give!

Hats available in three colors: Black, Olive, and Maroon.